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79% of all gamers play on their phones, with 35% only gaming on mobile devices

According to Newzoo's Global Gamers Study 2023, mobile gaming continues to dominate the gaming landscape, with 79% of all players gaming on their phones. This is significantly higher than PC gaming at 43% and console gaming at 41%. Moreover, 47% of gamers play on multiple platforms, while only 15% engage in gaming across mobile, PC, and console.

Regarding exclusive platform usage, mobile remains the most popular choice, with 35% of all gamers playing exclusively on mobile. Consoles follow at 9%, and PC at 8%, reaffirming the widespread appeal of mobile gaming.

Newzoo attributes the strength of mobile gaming to its lower entry barrier and increased accessibility compared to other platforms. This has attracted investment from PC and console developers. Advancements in mobile technology, 5G connectivity, and the rise of cloud gaming services have further improved the gaming experience, enabling players to engage with popular franchises and IPs across different platforms, as evidenced by cross-platform hits like Roblox and Fortnite.

Regarding spending, 57% of gamers have made gaming-related purchases in the past six months. However, mobile gaming has a lower play-to-pay conversion rate than other platforms, with 45% of players making purchases. This is attributed to the prevalence of the free-to-play business model on mobile, where in-game items serve as a significant source of revenue.

Among players who made purchases, 87% spent money on in-game items. The top three reasons for spending were good prices, sales, or special offers (34%); extra or exclusive playable content (34%); and personalizing characters or in-game elements (29%). In-game currency, expansion/content packs, and in-game gear were the most popular items for players to spend money on.

Gaming has proven to be an effective channel for brand discovery and engagement, with 50% of players reporting that they have discovered new brands while gaming. Additionally, 47% of players were more likely to purchase from brands featured in their favorite games. Advertisers and marketers recognize the value of reaching consumers in the gaming space, as it provides creative opportunities to connect with audiences more personally and interactively.

Overall, gamers worldwide exhibit positive attitudes towards branded content and media collaborations, making gaming an attractive platform for brands to establish their presence and engage with new audiences.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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