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AdInMo and Usercentrics gear up for a substantial transformation in Google Ads, slated for implementation in January 2024

AdInMo and Usercentrics have collaborated to unveil insights from a report on the current landscape of in-game advertising in Europe. The report, aimed at guiding mobile game publishers and developers, underscores the significance of consent management, the impact of privacy changes on Google, and strategies for monetizing in-game advertisements.

With Google Ads set for a substantial overhaul on January 16, 2024, aligning with a more privacy-conscious ethos, game developers must ensure compliance with these impending changes to garner support from brand advertisers.

In a notable case study involving Finnish mobile games developer Black Smoke Studio, AdInMo and Usercentrics focused on enhancing compliance with advertiser requirements in the game "The Wanderer - Project Survival." The results were remarkable, showcasing a staggering 377% increase in average revenue per daily active user over a six-week period. Despite an effective cost per thousand impressions growing by 62% and fill rate by 19%, the strategic collaboration with AdInMo and Usercentrics proved advantageous.

Remarkably, the study also revealed that a majority of players, 83% to be precise, willingly consented to share their data, including IP addresses and basic information. This positive response from players facilitates a smoother monetization process.

Kristan Rivers, Co-founder and CEO of AdInMo, emphasized the immediate benefits for developers in utilizing a Consent Management Platform (CMP), making both players and ad traffic more valuable for brand advertising partners. With Google's recent mandate requiring all publishers to integrate with IAB's TCF when serving ads in Europe from January 16, 2024, publishers are urged to act promptly.

Valerio Sudrio, Director of Product Management at Usercentrics, highlighted the evolving importance of privacy beyond compliance. He emphasized that brand advertisers prefer to invest in compliant games, offering higher eCPMs for access to consented data. Despite challenges, forward-thinking game developers recognize the significant benefits of intelligent consent in unlocking monetization opportunities.

AdInMo's report follows its recent partnership with ZBD, introducing the first-ever InGamePlay brand ads featuring Bitcoin rewards. The landscape of in-game advertising continues to evolve, emphasizing the pivotal role of compliance, strategic partnerships, and user consent in the industry's trajectory.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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