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After the ban, 60% of TikTok users are expected to switch to Reels

The potential ban on TikTok could trigger a notable shift in audience engagement, with users gravitating towards alternative platforms like Instagram and YouTube, which offer similar short-form video experiences. According to projections by Insider Intelligence, Meta and YouTube could stand to gain a significant share of TikTok’s estimated $6.61 billion in US ad revenues, potentially boosting their earnings by billions of dollars.

Insights from a recent survey conducted by marketing firm MGH shed light on user preferences in the event of a TikTok ban. Nearly 60% of TikTok users expressed their readiness to switch to Reels, Instagram’s short-form video feature, demonstrating a substantial demand for such services regardless of the hosting platform. YouTube Shorts also emerged as a popular choice, with 52% of respondents indicating their preference for it. However, interest in X’s upcoming video platform was relatively low, with only 23% expressing interest.

While the potential ban could have significant repercussions for ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, the majority of its revenue comes from Douyin, its Chinese counterpart. This diversification suggests that ByteDance may have the flexibility to pivot its focus to other markets and mitigate potential losses in the US, thereby lessening the impact of the ban. Nonetheless, the looming possibility of a TikTok ban has highlighted the potential for a substantial reshaping of the social media landscape.

If the ban were to materialize, platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are well-positioned to capitalize on TikTok’s displaced user base. Despite potential challenges, ByteDance may explore adaptive strategies to navigate regulatory hurdles, illustrating the ever-evolving nature of the social media industry.

Source: adapted from an article by Jordan Bevan, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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