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Animoca Brands partners with Japanese Web3 company Matsui

Animoca Brands, a blockchain gaming company, has announced a strategic partnership with Matsui, a Japanese web3 company. The collaboration is the result of a strategic investment and aims to drive web3 adoption in the Japanese market. Both companies will leverage Matsui's extensive assets, partner networks, and customer base to create new business opportunities that promote innovation and the use of web3 technologies.

The partnership between Matsui and Animoca Brands will focus on addressing societal challenges by accelerating their collaboration in various fields. This includes the development of joint ventures and collaborative businesses that utilize blockchain technology, particularly in areas such as wellness and decarbonization/carbon credits.

This move to expand into the Japanese market aligns with Animoca Brands' recent decision to shift its focus away from the American market due to regulatory challenges surrounding cryptocurrencies. Japan, known for its relatively favorable stance on blockchain technology, presents a promising opportunity for the company's growth. By partnering with Matsui, Animoca Brands aims to advocate for greater adoption of web3 technologies in Japan and work towards the establishment of a national strategy for web3 development.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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