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Apple's App Store and other services experienced an outage this morning

From WhatsApp to Instagram, Facebook to major retailers like Sainsbury's and Greggs, it seems that no one is immune to the recent spate of internet service outages. These disruptions, which have rocked our 21st-century world, are concerning, yet nobody important seems to be addressing them.

Even Apple, known for its robust ecosystem, experienced a rough night in the United States as the tech giant grappled with outages across multiple services, affecting users worldwide. Users were greeted with unsightly red triangles on Apple's usually green System Status page, signaling the disruptions.

The outages struck shortly before midnight UK time, impacting various Apple apps, including Apple Music and Apple TV+. Some users reported losing access to their accounts on mobile devices, leaving them without the apps they had paid for. Interestingly, desktop users mostly experienced business as usual, with mobile devices bearing the brunt of the disruptions.

While Apple swiftly restored services like Apple TV+ and Apple Music, the App Store experienced a lengthier outage lasting up to two hours. Eventually, all affected services, including Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Books, Fitness Plus, and Apple Sports, were back up and running by 12:35 am UK time.

As of now, Apple's official support account is yet to acknowledge the dropout or provide any explanation for the service interruption. The outage occurred mere hours after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp faced similar service losses, which were promptly resolved.

It remains unclear whether these outages were connected, the result of technical glitches, or targeted attacks. More information on the cause of the disruptions is expected once Apple officially comments on the issue.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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