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Apple removes GBA emulator from the App Store

Apple has recently taken down the iBGA Game Boy Advance emulator app from the App Store, according to reports from MacRumors. The app's removal was attributed to violations of spam and copyright guidelines, rather than concerns about piracy.

It was found that the iGBA app was essentially a replica of the open-source GBA4iOS app, but with the inclusion of advertisements. An Apple representative clarified that emulators available on the App Store are permitted to load ROMs downloaded from the internet, provided that the app is specifically emulating titles from retro consoles.

However, the spokesperson did not provide a clear definition of what qualifies as retro consoles. The removal of the iBGA app from the App Store occurred just a week after Apple had globally allowed video game emulators to be featured on its platform.

Source: adapted from an article by Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for

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