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Artisan Studios Expanding with a New Studio in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Artisan Studios, a well-established Canadian game developer, is venturing into the vibrant landscape of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as it sets up a brand new development studio in the region. The company has ambitious plans to employ more than 200 skilled developers in its fresh workspace, forging partnerships with local artists throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to create innovative Intellectual Properties (IPs).

This expansion not only marks the developer's foray into publishing its titles but also signals the advent of what it terms "the first AAA titles in the GCC region," highlighting its commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

Mario Rizzo, co-founder, and CEO of Artisan Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for this endeavor, stating, "Riyadh has one of the most dynamic and exciting independent game development communities. After spending two years exploring the region, we knew it would be the best place to build a new studio."

Artisan Studios is renowned for its contributions to the gaming world, with titles like "Super Neptunia RPG" and "Astria Ascending" under its belt. Notably, Artisan Studios also holds the distinction of being the first company to participate in Saudi Arabia's Ignite program.

Launched by Saudi Arabia's Digital Content Council just last year, the Ignite program saw a significant investment of $1.1 billion aimed at fostering digital content, with a particular focus on the gaming industry. This initiative underscores the country's commitment to supporting and nurturing the burgeoning digital content ecosystem.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund has announced its intention to make a substantial investment of $38 billion into Riyadh's local games industry, facilitated through its subsidiary, Savvy Games Group. This bold move reflects the growing significance of the gaming sector within the region and the willingness to bolster its development and growth.

Artisan Studios' expansion into Riyadh is undoubtedly an exciting development in the global gaming landscape, offering opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth within the MENA region.

Source: by Sophie McEvoy, Staff Writer for

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