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Balancy secures $700K in funding to revolutionize game monetization and live operations

Gaming software company Balancy has secured $700,000 in funding from industry veterans to further develop its SaaS platform, with the goal of revolutionizing how game studios manage and monetize live games.

Since its establishment in 2022, Balancy has forged partnerships with over 100 games, enabling players to participate in game events and access various offers.

The company's founders, Pavel Ignatov (pictured left), Andrei Apanasik (pictured right), both Y Combinator W16 alumni, and Julia Iljuk, collectively possess nearly 30 years of experience in the gaming industry. Their expertise enhances Balancy's platform, assisting small and mid-size studios in optimizing live operations and monetization strategies.

CEO Pavel Ignatov emphasizes, "We aim to empower promising midsize and smaller studios to navigate the competition amid a challenging market and the highest CPI (Cost per Install) numbers in mobile history."

Looking ahead, Ignatov adds, "Investor support propels us toward ambitious roadmap milestones, including innovative ML/AI monetization solutions and expanding the technology across various engines beyond Unity."

Balancy's current funding round has attracted notable figures from the mobile industry, such as Max Kamenkou (CEO & Founder of Splitmetrics), Radostin Petrov (founder of Zariba Group and Casualino), Sergei Kovalenko (CEO & Founder of Vention and Braavo Capital), and Seth Sivak, former VP of Development at World of Warcraft. This follows a pre-seed round from Andrei Avsievich, who co-founded and invested in several early-stage startups later acquired by Pinterest, Farfetch, ServiceNow, and others.

The round is expected to conclude soon, with the company actively seeking a lead investor. As Balancy remains committed to assisting small and mid-size gaming studios in optimizing their live operations and monetization strategies, the funding will be instrumental in advancing its objectives.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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