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ByteBrew strengthens its live ops offering by introducing new features tailored for mobile developers

In its latest series of product unveilings, ByteBrew, the all-in-one analytics platform, has introduced Remote Config Conditions and JSON Editor. These additions are strategically designed to augment ByteBrew's existing suite of live ops tools, presenting a range of innovative features tailored for mobile game developers. Leveraging the platform's segmentation engine, conditions empower developers to disseminate live updates selectively to segmented player groups based on predefined user attributes such as build version, country, custom data, and more. This allows for the creation of conditional segments using various attribute combinations, facilitating the targeted delivery of specific live updates, even to niche user populations within a game.

ByteBrew has also revealed its new remote config editor, a valuable tool for developers aiming to craft customized game experiences. The JSON Editor unlocks enhanced functionality on the platform, enabling the remote transmission of a payload containing a series of in-game updates.

Cameron Hozouri, CEO and Co-founder of ByteBrew, expressed pride in the collaborative spirit of the platform's community of game creators. He stated, "We’re proud to have a passionate community of game creators collaborating with us on new products we develop on the platform. In our latest launches with Remote Config Conditions and JSON Editor, we’re bringing a realm of new live ops possibilities to our all-in-one platform."

For mobile game and app developers eager to explore ByteBrew's offerings, the platform provides a user-friendly entry point with a 100% free starting option.

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