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Carry1st's African Cup will include a Call of Duty: Mobile tournament boasting a $15,000 prize pool

The African esports landscape is evolving with the introduction of the Carry1st Africa Cup, coupled with an exciting Call of Duty: Mobile tournament. Teams hailing from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa will converge to vie for a substantial $15,000 prize pool, showcasing the finest gaming talent from across the continent. Following rigorous qualifying rounds, the advancing teams will convene for an epic championship showdown in person. Notably, the tournament will recognize outstanding players, with the MVP in the grand finals securing a $1,000 reward, alongside MVP accolades in each regional match.

For esports teams eager to participate, registration for the Carry1st Africa Cup commences on May 27th. Interested parties can complete the registration form on the official website, with a prerequisite of a minimum of five players per team. Both amateur and professional gamers have the opportunity to compete, leveraging the multiplayer capabilities of CoD Mobile from various corners of the continent. The qualification phase will unfold from June to July, culminating in the highly anticipated finals in August 2024, where regional champions will clash. Carry1st has also pledged support by facilitating travel arrangements for qualifying teams unable to attend the finals.

Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO, and co-founder of Carry1st, expressed enthusiasm for the Carry1st Africa Cup, emphasizing its role in unifying gamers across the continent and advancing gaming experiences in Africa. Dominion Eromosele, the publisher's senior community manager and events lead, hailed the tournament as a groundbreaking opportunity for Call of Duty: Mobile enthusiasts in Africa to engage in competitive gaming at a premier level. Beyond mere competition, Eromosele emphasized the tournament's significance in fostering connections through gaming, fueling the growth of esports in Africa, and inspiring future generations of gaming talent on the continent.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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