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Digital Turbine has injected $10 million into the Korean app marketplace ONE Store

Mobile growth services provider Digital Turbine is injecting $10 million into the Korean marketplace ONE Store as part of a fresh collaboration between the two entities.

Digital Turbine has announced plans to integrate its SingleTap technology, which facilitates direct app downloads from mobile ads to users' devices, into ONE Store's expansive ecosystem comprising over 40 million devices.

While the initial focus of the partnership is on South Korea, both companies are gearing up to broaden their reach to other global markets in the near future.

Their sights are already set on the European Union, where impending regulations such as the Digital Markets Act are poised to compel platform giants like Apple and Google to open up their ecosystems to third-party marketplaces.

CEO of Digital Turbine, Bill Stone, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership will introduce DT's unique technology to tens of millions of users and hundreds of app developers in Korea. We are excited to expand our partnership with ONE Store from Korea to other parts of the world, including the EU, with the anticipated implementation of the Digital Markets Act next month."

Similarly, ONE Store CEO Peter Chun conveyed optimism about the partnership's potential, stating, "Digital Turbine's investment presents an excellent opportunity for ONE Store to collaborate with a remarkable partner in expanding its presence into global markets. We aim to transcend our current position as Korea's leading app market and establish ourselves as a key player on the global stage."

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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