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Disney Realm Breakers is now in soft launch for specific regions

JOYCITY Corp's Disney Realm Breakers has commenced its soft launch phase in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Players are invited to embark on a heroic quest alongside beloved Disney and Pixar characters to rescue the world of Noi from the Scourge Legion.

From the daring adventures of Aladdin to the heroic feats of The Incredibles, players can join forces to strengthen towns and engage in strategic Rumble Battles against the enemy. However, victory extends beyond the battlefield, with players focusing on town-building, fortifying defenses, and gathering resources to bolster their forces.

Disney Realm Breakers also features Field Battles, allowing players to confront the Scourge Legion in their territory, reclaim landmarks, and free the Lumins of Noi by restoring light to the realm.

Disney's recent endeavors in the mobile gaming industry underscore its commitment to expanding its presence. This includes partnerships with developers like Maliyo Games for the Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef mobile game and a significant investment in Epic Games, highlighting Disney's confidence in the future of gaming.

Android users in the aforementioned regions can now access Disney Realm Breakers, with a global launch and iOS availability expected later this year.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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