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Epic has decided to remove Wonderbox, developed by Aquiris Game Studios

Aquiris Game Studios' Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is set to be removed from Apple Arcade starting April 4th, rendering it unavailable for new downloads and unplayable for existing users. Known for its stunning dioramas and unique aesthetic, this action-adventure game was developed by the Brazil-based studio, now under Epic's ownership and renamed as Epic Game Studios Brazil.

In a brief statement shared via X (formerly Twitter), the company expressed gratitude to players for their support while announcing the end of Wonderbox's availability on Apple Arcade. This move comes amid ongoing disputes between Apple and Epic regarding competition within the app store ecosystem.

Notably, Wonderbox's removal was also confirmed on the official Apple Arcade subreddit's list of departing games for March 2024. Despite this announcement, no specific reason was provided for its removal.

Reacting to the news, Reddit users expressed disappointment and speculated on possible reasons behind the decision. Some mentioned changes within the developer's team, while others lamented the game's lack of wider recognition despite its innovative features. However, there remains a glimmer of hope among fans that Wonderbox may still be accessible through the Apple Store, although its fate remains uncertain at the time of writing.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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