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Europe is anticipated to witness a threefold increase in mobile data traffic by 2028, attributed to the widespread adoption of 5G technology

In its annual mobile economy report, the GSMA, representing a coalition of over 1,000 mobile operators and businesses, anticipates a significant upswing in mobile data traffic throughout Europe by 2028. This surge is propelled by the widespread integration of 5G technology and the ongoing transition towards advanced 4G networks.

Envisaging a threefold increase in mobile data traffic, the GSMA attributes this boost to the swift deployment of 5G networks, offering augmented data speeds and capabilities, alongside the continual shift towards sophisticated 4G technology. The report underscores the mounting interest among 5G subscribers in integrating high-bandwidth services and content into their mobile plans, particularly in realms such as high-quality gaming, extended reality (XR), and video content.

The GSMA also projects a substantial uptick in mobile data consumption per smartphone, foreseeing monthly data traffic to soar to 56 gigabytes (GB) in Western Europe and 37 GB in Central and Eastern Europe by 2028. This marks a noteworthy ascent from the 20 GB and 14 GB recorded in 2022, respectively.

To meet the surging demand for mobile data services, telecom operators are poised to persist in substantial investments for upgrading their networks. The report suggests a collective investment exceeding 198 billion euros ($216 billion) by 2030 to fortify and expand network infrastructure.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape, the GSMA calls on European policymakers to tackle challenges linked to network investment, consolidation, spectrum harmonization, and the formulation of equitable infrastructure investment models.

As Europe progresses in its mobile connectivity journey, the GSMA underscores the significance of policymakers adapting to dynamic industry dynamics and contemplating policy adjustments to bolster the robust development of telecom infrastructure.

Source: adapted from an article by Gizem Yilmaz, Author of Archives for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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