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Fortnite and Epic Games are set to return to iOS devices in Europe

Epic Games is poised to make a comeback on iOS devices in Europe, marking a significant development following a years-long dispute with Apple. This turnaround comes as a result of the European Digital Markets Act, which has compelled Apple to loosen its grip on the App Store ecosystem.

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple stemmed from Epic's attempt to incorporate alternative payment methods within Fortnite, a move intended to bypass Apple's fees and regulations. Consequently, Apple suspended Epic's developer accounts, effectively barring Fortnite and other Epic apps from its platforms since August 2020.

However, recent changes in legislation have paved the way for Epic Games' return to iOS. Under the Digital Markets Act, Epic Games Sweden AB has regained its Apple Developer Account, signaling a fresh start for the company on Apple platforms. Epic Games plans to reintroduce the Epic Games Store and Fortnite to European iOS users in 2024.

Epic Games' CEO, Tim Sweeney, acknowledged Apple's concession, recognizing it as a positive step amidst their ongoing legal battles. This reconciliation marks the first time Epic Games has reappeared on Apple platforms since the dispute erupted.

The return of Epic Games to iOS underscores the impact of regulatory interventions in the tech industry. By challenging Apple's dominance and advocating for fair competition, Epic Games has achieved a significant victory, albeit limited to European markets for now.

While this development is cause for celebration among Epic Games fans, it remains to be seen how long it will take for the company to regain lost revenues and fully capitalize on its return to iOS. Moreover, the implications of this breakthrough extend beyond Epic Games, potentially opening doors for other developers seeking greater autonomy and flexibility on Apple's platform.

Although this victory is specific to European markets, it sets a precedent for similar regulatory actions in other regions. As Apple navigates these changes, the tech industry braces for further shifts in power dynamics and market regulations.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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