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Gamelight's Mobile Gaming Revolution: Anticipating a $1 Billion Milestone in 2024

In a remarkable journey, Gamelight, the German-based mobile marketing company, soared to become the largest user acquisition platform for mobile games within its debut year in 2023. Now, the company sets its sights on an impressive $1 billion in revenues for 2024, showcasing the success driven by its award-winning AI algorithm, which is reshaping the landscape of mobile marketing campaigns.

Co-founder Günay Aliyeva reflects on Gamelight's journey: "Built from scratch, without external investments or the backing of a large corporation, Gamelight has rapidly gained recognition as a prominent player in mobile marketing, thanks to the excellence and scope we bring to our advertisers."

Gamelight attributes its swift growth to the groundbreaking AI algorithm and a dedicated, diverse team working behind the scenes. The platform simplifies user targeting for acquisition managers and game publishers, bidding farewell to unreliable manual targeting methods.

The AI algorithm utilizes machine learning for precise targeting, analyzing gaming histories, preferences, and demographic data to tailor marketing strategies. By understanding user behavior, Gamelight optimizes experiences and enhances user engagement, delivering high-quality users to major mobile game publishers worldwide.

Established in 11 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, Gamelight stands as the largest game recommendation platform globally. The diverse team, spread across 12 locations worldwide, contributes to an inclusive culture driving Gamelight's success.

The industry has taken notice of Gamelight's achievements, ranking among the top three advertising sources in the AppsFlyer Index alongside giants Google and Meta. Gamelight covers an impressive 12% of ad spend for all Match-3 games globally, securing the 2nd largest Android source and the 3rd largest iOS source, according to the Singular Market Overview.

Multiple accolades, including "The Best AI Tool" at the dotComm Awards and "Best Mobile Marketing Platform" at the Digiday Technology Awards, further underline Gamelight's industry recognition, surpassing competitors like AppsFlyer, Liftoff, PLAYSTUDIOS, and Adjust.

Looking ahead to 2024, Gamelight, known for its organic growth, anticipates groundbreaking projects set to revolutionize mobile advertising. Co-founder Florian Elmies hints at innovative concepts that promise to bring more fun to users and greater success to app publishers.

As Gamelight continues to redefine standards in the mobile marketing arena, the industry eagerly awaits the unfolding of their ambitious plans and the realization of the coveted $1 billion milestone.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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