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Gamelight achieves a position in the top five global ad networks

Headlining the mobile market space, Gamelight, a German user acquisition company, has been attracting attention lately. Previous snapshots from Singular Market revealed that Gamelight accounts for 12 percent of ad spend for all Match-3 games worldwide. Since then, Gamelight has sustained steady growth, now securing its place as the fifth largest ad network globally across all geographies and game genres according to the Singular Market Snapshot. This accomplishment marks Gamelight as the fastest-growing company in the field.

At the core of Gamelight's success lies its innovative business model. The company introduced the first user acquisition model driven entirely by AI algorithms. Leveraging seven self-published rewarded marketing apps, Gamelight gathers user preferences, gaming histories, and behaviors to personalize game recommendations for players. This model not only rewards users for playing games but also enhances gaming experiences for others.

This groundbreaking approach has revolutionized partner campaigns, attracting a significant number of high-quality users. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement where players enjoy personalized gaming experiences while partners acquire loyal users who engage with their games over time.

Gamelight's platform has received recognition, winning accolades such as "Best AI Tool" at the dotComm awards, "Best Use of AI" at Digiday Europe Awards, "Best App Advertising Platform" at the App Growth Awards, and "Best Mobile Marketing Platform" at the Digiday Technology Awards for consistently surpassing industry return on ad spend (ROAS) benchmarks.

Despite being early in 2024, Gamelight has demonstrated substantial growth. In January, they announced their anticipated achievement of $1 billion in revenues just one year after launch. Insights from the Singular Market Snapshot indicate that Gamelight ranks as the second largest source for Match-3 vertical on Android and the third on iOS, surpassing industry giants like Meta, Applovin, and Unity.

Now positioned as the fifth largest mobile network globally across all genres, Gamelight solidifies its status as a market leader, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting diverse client demands. On the latest Singular Market Snapshot, Gamelight trails behind Google, Meta, Applovin, and Apple Search Ads, surpassing industry leaders like Moloco, Unity, Ironsource, TikTok, Liftoff, and many others.

Key takeaways from Gamelight's success include its position among the top five largest mobile networks globally across all game genres, its rapid growth fueled by an innovative AI algorithm, and its promising trajectory for achieving further milestones in 2024.

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