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Gamelight is poised to achieve an annual revenue milestone of $1 billion!

Gamelight, the German-based company, swiftly ascended to become the world's largest rewarded marketing platform for mobile games. Their success is attributed to the groundbreaking AI algorithm, recognized for reshaping the mobile marketing campaign landscape.

Co-founder Günay Aliyeva says: “Without any external investments or the backing of a large corporation, Gamelight was built from scratch. It’s incredibly satisfying to witness how, in a short span, Gamelight has earned recognition as a prominent player in mobile marketing thanks to the excellence and scope we bring to our advertisers.”

The key to Gamelight's success lies in its revolutionary AI algorithm and its expanding global team. The algorithm analyzes diverse data points, including gaming history and demographic information, to provide tailored recommendations. Leveraging a vast user base across ten self-published game recommendation platforms, Gamelight quickly established itself globally within its inaugural year, spanning North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Contributing to Gamelight's exponential growth is its diverse international team, with locations in 12 different countries, fostering a broad perspective and inclusive culture. In 2023, Gamelight received prestigious awards, covering 12% of global ad spend for Match-3 games and ranking as a top advertising source on AppsFlyer Index. Despite their achievements in 2023, Gamelight shows no signs of slowing down, hinting at revolutionary projects to further enhance mobile advertising.

Co-Founder Florian Elmies hints at upcoming initiatives: “The upcoming projects that we are working on will revolutionise mobile advertising as a whole – making it more fun for users & more lucrative for advertisers. I am talking about completely new things that have not been seen before. More on that in the upcoming months!”

In conclusion, Gamelight's cutting-edge AI algorithm continues to redefine mobile marketing, providing game developers with a unique strategy for user engagement and revenue growth, consistently surpassing industry standards.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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