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Gamelight is the best App Advertising Platform on App Growth Awards 2023!

In a triumph for innovation and dedication, Gamelight has emerged victorious, securing the prestigious title of "Best App Advertising Platform" at the App Growth Awards. The win is particularly remarkable as Gamelight faced fierce competition from industry giants with years of leadership in the field.

Although unable to attend the event in person to accept the award, the Gamelight team expresses immense joy and pride in the recognition received. Winning against established finalists that have long dominated the industry showcases Gamelight's ascent as a formidable player in the mobile marketing arena.

What makes this achievement even more noteworthy is the fact that Gamelight was crafted from the ground up, without any external investment or the backing of a major corporation. The team's commitment to quality and scalability has propelled Gamelight to become a recognized name in mobile marketing within a remarkably short span.

Reflecting on the accomplishment, Gamelight shares its enthusiasm for steering the rocket-ship of success. The win at the App Growth Awards not only validates the team's hard work but also positions Gamelight as a leader in the dynamic and competitive landscape of app advertising platforms.

As Gamelight continues to soar, the award serves as a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and innovation. The mobile marketing industry can expect even greater contributions from Gamelight as it remains at the forefront of delivering unparalleled quality and scale to advertisers. Congratulations to Gamelight on this well-deserved recognition and their journey of triumph in the realm of app advertising.

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