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Gamelight joins the ranks of winners at the 2023 Digiday Awards

This year's Digiday Awards Europe finalists have been recognized for their focus on technological innovations, brand partnerships, collaborations, and the creation of compelling narratives. These entries share a common thread of producing content that resonates with audience interests and leveraging partnerships to tap into new markets.

Pepsi MAX stands out as a nominee for Best Use of Video, thanks to its campaign targeting U.K. football fans aged 18–34. Collaborating with food icon Big Zuu, Pepsi MAX provided meal inspirations paired with its beverage, directing viewers to a shoppable Amazon recipe hub for ingredients and delivery. The campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with a 99% positive sentiment rate.

In the Best Digital Product Innovation category, MiQ earned recognition for its Deliveroo Automation Suite. This solution streamlined Deliveroo's programmatic forecasting and setup processes, significantly reducing time and resources required to execute hyperlocal media campaigns.

Gamelight's AI platform secured a nomination for Best Use of Technology by leveraging data-driven algorithms to optimize marketing campaigns and offer highly relevant game recommendations to individual players. The platform exceeded client ROI goals and outperformed other marketing channels in terms of profitability.

Tripadvisor's collaboration with Tourism Ireland earned it a finalist spot for Best Use of Native Advertising/Sponsored Content. The campaign promoted Northern Ireland as a travel destination through personalized experiences and partnerships with renowned comedians on popular podcast platforms.

Netflix's 'Tudum' event stood out in the Best Experiential Campaign category, providing fans with immersive experiences both virtually and in-person. The event garnered widespread attention and trended globally on social media, showcasing Netflix's ability to engage and captivate audiences on a global scale.

Overall, the Digiday Awards Europe finalists demonstrate a commitment to innovation, creativity, and strategic partnerships in the digital marketing landscape.

Source: adapted from an article by Digiday Awards.

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