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Gamelight Surpasses Milestones with $20 Million Rewards!

In a groundbreaking move, Gamelight, a leading provider of free mobile game recommendations, has announced a remarkable achievement in Q1 2024. The company revealed that it distributed a staggering $20 million in rewards and gift cards to its users for playing free mobile games, marking a significant milestone in its mission to reward and engage gamers worldwide. This revelation comes alongside Gamelight's recent case study with Tango and Tremendous, shedding light on the company's exponential growth and community expansion.

Gamelight's CEO and Co-Founder, Gunay Aliyeva, expressed excitement over the milestone, stating, "What a milestone! Within Q1 2024, we gave $20 million rewards and gift cards to our users for playing free mobile games! It is amazing to see how our community grew across our 7 game recommendation platforms globally, including our hot markets JP & KR!"

With seven self-published game recommendation apps under its belt, Gamelight's community has surged to an impressive 10 million users, demonstrating the company's widespread appeal and influence in the gaming industry. Notably, Gamelight has experienced significant growth in key markets such as Japan (JP) and South Korea (KR), further solidifying its position as a global player in the mobile gaming ecosystem.

The recent success can be attributed in part to Gamelight's strategic partnerships, notably with Tango and Tremendous. Led by David Leeds and Nick Baum, the Tango and Tremendous teams have played a pivotal role in facilitating Gamelight's expansion and providing the necessary infrastructure to manage the influx of user requests seamlessly.

Gamelight invites enthusiasts and industry professionals alike to explore the full case study to uncover more details about its remarkable achievements and future prospects. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing the gaming experience and looks forward to reaching even greater milestones in the upcoming quarters.

To learn more about Gamelight's journey and achievements, read the full case study here.

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