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Goddess of Victory: Nikke Celebrates One Year with $500 Million in Revenue

Shift Up's RPG, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, has achieved a remarkable milestone by celebrating its first anniversary with an impressive $500 million in revenue. In just one year, the game has gained popularity for its captivating story, beautifully animated illustrations, and daring character designs.

As part of the first-anniversary celebration, Goddess of Victory is set to introduce new characters, including SSR Red Hood, along with additional costumes for Dorothy and Harran. Players will also receive SSR Snow White as a free alternative character, ensuring that everyone can enjoy new combatants.

The anniversary festivities include login bonuses, gems, and a free character available every day for 21 days. Players can also look forward to numerous free gacha pulls through voucher distributions. A new minigame and additional story mode chapters will enhance the player experience.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke has made an outstanding debut in the mobile gaming market. In its first month, the game generated $70 million in revenue from just four million players and rapidly expanded its fanbase to reach 25 million downloads within three months.

Shift Up, based in South Korea, has created one of the most popular squad RPGs in the region in 2023. The game's rapid success positions it well on its journey toward the prestigious unicorn club, a select group of mobile developers that have achieved $1 billion in revenue. Hitting the halfway point of this milestone within just a year is an impressive accomplishment, especially considering the challenges the game faced in terms of content censorship and complaints.

Shortly after its launch, players voiced concerns about content censorship in Goddess of Victory, primarily focusing on character costume modifications, such as Rupee's acquired skirt. Tencent, the game's publisher, was accused of altering sexualized content to comply with Chinese regulations, even though the game had not yet been released in China.

Despite these challenges and controversies, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is celebrating its first anniversary with $500 million in revenue, affirming its triumphant entry into the mobile gaming industry. A collaboration with Nier Automata further boosted its sales by 215%, leading Tencent subsidiary Aceville to invest nearly $60 million in Shift Up by acquiring two million shares.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for Pocket Gamer

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