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Goddess of Victory: Nikke passes $400m on mobile

Goddess of Victory: Nikke, a gacha shooter game, has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing $400 million in mobile revenue, bringing it very close to competing with heavyweight titles like Diablo Immortal, which crossed the half-billion mark.

According to Japanese data from Sensor Tower, despite being released in November 2022, a few months after Diablo's launch in July 2022, Goddess of Victory: Nikke has shown strong potential to catch up in terms of revenue.

The game's success can be attributed to its intense fan interest, particularly drawn to its levels of fanservice, encompassing risque and titillating content. Additionally, discussions surrounding its gacha mechanics and use of "pity pulls" have contributed to its popularity. Sensor Tower previously reported that Nikke exceeded Diablo Immortal's initial revenue targets by achieving $70 million in its first month of release.

A notable aspect that sets Goddess of Victory apart from many other gacha titles is its gameplay. While most gacha games are comfortably situated in the RPG genre, Nikke offers an over-the-shoulder shooter experience akin to console or PC games. Furthermore, its generous gacha mechanics, which provide rewards even to players who don't obtain valuable items after a certain number of pulls, have been instrumental in its success.

Although Goddess of Victory: Nikke is nearing the revenue figures of Diablo Immortal, a title backed by an equally massive company and belonging to a well-established franchise, it remains a significant metric for analysts to observe. Considering the latter's head start, whether Nikke will surpass Diablo Immortal in revenue remains uncertain. However, if it manages to do so, it could serve as a compelling case study on succeeding with unconventional content.

As November approaches and the full-year results are tallied, we will witness which game emerges as the revenue leader.

Source: Ivan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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