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Google introduces fresh methods to interact with mobile games on the Play Store

Google's Game Developer Summit debuted yesterday, featuring a host of new updates for Android games now available. In a blog post, Google announced fresh methods for users to engage with mobile games on the Play Store.

One notable update is the ability for users to directly access the latest YouTube videos of popular games on both the Games tab and store listing page. This feature allows users to stay informed and never miss updates on their favorite games.

Another significant announcement is the transformation of in-game ads by AdMob into interactive elements seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience. Rather than encountering disruptive pop-ups or video interruptions, users can now choose to interact with integrated ads or continue playing without interruption.

Google also revealed enhancements to store listings, which will prominently showcase game updates, new content, and ongoing promotions to keep users engaged with their favorite games.

These changes will initially apply to English-language users and select titles participating in the program.

In an effort to boost in-app purchases, Google is introducing discounts for users subscribed to its Play Pass service. Additionally, the company plans to launch the Play Pass subscription service in Korea later this year. Game developers will also be able to utilize Play Points, the rewards program introduced by the Play Store in 2019, to offer exclusive in-app deals. The Play Points program is set to expand to Brazil this year, with over 220 million members across more than 35 markets.

These updates aim to enhance the gaming experience on Android devices and provide developers with new opportunities to engage with users and drive revenue.

Source: adapted from an article by Maya Robertson, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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