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Harmony Games Secures $3 Million in Seed Funding for Expansion

Harmony Games, an innovative game studio leveraging AI technology, has successfully concluded a seed funding round, raising $3 million. This funding injection is expected to bolster the company's presence in the mobile gaming sector and facilitate its plans for expansion.

Griffin Gaming Partners played a pivotal role by leading this funding round, with notable investors Kristian Segerstrale and Akin Babayigit also participating. Harmony Games, co-founded by Volkan Ediz, James Koh, and Joseph Kubiak, is recognized for its debut title, "Tiles Delight," an intriguing puzzle game. The company also has ambitions to diversify its game offerings through the creation of the "World of Tiles" universe.

Volkan Ediz, one of the co-founders, shared the studio's perspective on the evolving gaming landscape, stating, "We believe gaming is ushering in a new era, marked by a wave of companies embracing an AI-first culture. We're proud to be at the forefront, crafting tools, processes, and assets in a harmonious AI-human collaboration."

Harmony Games envisions a future where one engineer, one artist, one designer, and multiple AI systems collaborate to create a singular, unparalleled game experience. This vision underscores the company's commitment to exploring the synergies between human creativity and artificial intelligence in the world of gaming. With the new funding, Harmony Games is poised to pursue its goals and continue shaping the future of AI-assisted gaming.

Source: by Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for

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