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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened generated $2.3 million in first week of global release

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the collectible card game based on the popular Harry Potter IP, has seen a successful global release on mobile. Operated by NetEase in Asia and the MENA region, and by Warner Bros. Games in 41 Western countries, the game generated $2.33 million in its first week.

During its initial week of release, the version published by NetEase earned approximately $1.3 million, while the Western version by Warner Bros. Games made $1 million. However, the Western version had a higher share of total downloads at 64 percent.

Japan emerged as the top country in terms of revenue spend, contributing 41.6 percent of the game's first-week revenue at $972,000. The US and South Korea followed, making up 25.5 percent and 8.4 percent of revenue, respectively.

Although the US led in installs during the first week with 656,000 of the total 3.75 million downloads, Japan's installs only accounted for 15.3 percent of the total. This indicates a higher spend on in-app purchases per download in Japan.

When initially launched in China in 2021, the game generated over $22.7 million in its first week and increased that to $228 million in its first two months, despite its limited availability.

Pre-registrations for the game opened in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania in February 2022, with a global launch initially planned for the same year. However, the game was released globally in June 2023, and it has been well-received in the market.

NetEase, the operator of the game in several regions, has been recognized as one of the top 50 mobile game makers, and its success with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened further solidifies its position in the mobile gaming industry.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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