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Honkai: Star Rail surpasses the $1 billion milestone on its inaugural anniversary

HoYoverse's sensational title, Honkai: Star Rail, marked a remarkable milestone as it celebrated its first anniversary on April 26th, 2024. This significant event not only signifies a year of tremendous success but also cements HoYoverse's ability to replicate triumph with yet another smash-hit, following the monumental success of Genshin Impact.

From its inception, Honkai: Star Rail set the stage for greatness, shattering records with an astounding 20 million downloads on launch day. This immediate success affirmed the game's potential and swiftly established it as a dominant force in the gacha gaming realm. Remarkably, according to App Magic estimates, the game soared to the coveted $1 billion milestone in just nine months, ultimately surpassing $1.3 billion by its first anniversary.

While Genshin Impact may have achieved the $1 billion mark at a faster pace, Honkai: Star Rail is positioned to surpass its predecessor's success. The two titles engage in a perpetual tug-of-war for the top spot in gacha revenue, consistently earning HoYoverse both gold and silver accolades each month. Notably, in March 2024, Star Rail outpaced Genshin Impact's monthly mobile revenue, doubling its earnings with an impressive $118.3 million compared to Genshin Impact's $58.5 million.

Speculations about the shared audience between the two titles are further fueled by their alternating positions in revenue rankings. The surge of one title often coincides with the decline of the other, suggesting a significant overlap in their player base. Indeed, as Honkai: Star Rail approached its first anniversary with grand celebrations and engaging events, Genshin Impact experienced a decline in its performance.

Star Rail's anniversary festivities have been nothing short of spectacular, featuring captivating events and enticing rewards to delight players. From a thrilling live concert to exclusive merchandise releases, HoYoverse spared no expense in commemorating this monumental occasion. In-game bonuses such as 30 free pulls on the gacha further ensure player engagement and retention, reaffirming Honkai: Star Rail's status as a gacha gaming sensation.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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