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Kwalee introduces its latest mobile publishing platform, Hitseeker

Global gaming publisher Kwalee has unveiled Hitseeker, a new mobile publishing platform empowering developers to test, release, and monetize mobile games. Hitseeker offers an array of tools and resources aimed at enhancing game development, including workflow optimization, expert feedback, and game metric refinement.

The platform is equipped with an SDK integration, providing developers with comprehensive game analytics such as retention rates, daily active users (DAU), and session durations. This data-driven approach enables developers to make informed decisions and optimize their games for success.

John Wright, VP of mobile publishing at Kwalee, emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting developers throughout the game development journey. Hitseeker aims to provide developers with everything they need to thrive, including simplified development processes, access to a vibrant community for collaboration and innovation, and a suite of helpful tools and resources.

Wright will be among the distinguished speakers at Pocket Gamer Connect: San Francisco, participating in the ‘Navigating the Hypercasual & Hybridcasual Market in 2024' panel discussion.

Designed as a collaborative ecosystem, Hitseeker boasts features like a customizable dashboard, file management capabilities, educational materials, a discussion forum, and feedback from Kwalee's in-house experts.

Mobile developers interested in Hitseeker can register on the official website.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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