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Minabo, a journey through life, is set to launch on iOS and Android

In the upcoming social simulation game, “Minabo – A Stroll Through Life,” players will craft their social networks, fostering meaningful relationships while avoiding those less significant. Whether adopting radish pets, starting a family, or embracing a fast-paced lifestyle, players are encouraged to live freely, accepting the consequences that time brings.

Managing social connections is no easy task, which is why “Minabo” introduces collectible hats with unique effects. From easily falling in love to altering one’s lifespan, these accessories add depth to the game’s dynamics.

Each life in “Minabo” is unique, offering players a summary to share with friends upon its conclusion. Furthermore, players can ponder the what-ifs of their past, exploring alternate scenarios by rewinding time instead of starting anew.

“Minabo – A Stroll Through Life” promises an immersive experience where every choice shapes the journey, inviting players to embrace life’s uncertainties and discover its myriad possibilities.

Source: adapted from an article by Kürşat Zaman, Author for Mobidictum.

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