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Monopoly GO! had the biggest casual launch of the last five years

Monopoly GO!, developed by Scopely, has achieved remarkable success since its launch on April 12, just two months ago. The game has quickly become the number one mobile board game globally based on revenue. It had the biggest casual game launch of 2023 and holds the title for the largest casual game launch in the past five years. This achievement is particularly notable considering the "Covid boom," where mobile game makers experienced unprecedented profits due to increased mobile phone usage.

Monopoly GO! currently ranks in the top five of free mobile game charts based on downloads in over 100 countries worldwide. The game's success is undoubtedly great news for its parent company, Savvy Games Group, which acquired Scopely just six days before the launch of Monopoly GO! for a staggering $4.9 billion.

The recipe for success lies in Monopoly's widespread recognition and popularity as one of the world's most beloved board games. With various versions based on popular intellectual properties like Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the game has a broad appeal. The transition to mobile was expected to be a hit, but the level of success achieved is noteworthy.

Monopoly GO! successfully translated the familiar gameplay into a mobile format while also incorporating elements popular in casual gaming, such as player versus player (PVP) features and a dynamic evolving world. The game has brought the iconic Monopoly experience to a new platform, leveraging its unique qualities to enhance gameplay.

Cynthia Williams, President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Games, expressed excitement about the game's potential to unite Monopoly fans worldwide in unprecedented ways. The fresh take on the Monopoly experience is expected to bring friends and families together, allowing them to either collaborate for mutual fortunes or strive to claim their own riches.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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