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Monopoly Go Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenue and Achieves 100 Million Installs Within Seven Months

Scopely proudly announces that Monopoly Go, launched globally in April, has surpassed monumental benchmarks by amassing over $1 billion in revenue and reaching an impressive 100 million downloads within a mere seven months. This achievement positions Monopoly Go as the fastest casual game ever to hit the $1 billion mark, and the data from indicates a remarkable monthly earning of around $200 million. With these accomplishments, Scopely now asserts itself as the leading mobile games company in the United States.

Originally conceived as a Clash Royale-like player versus player (PvP) game, Monopoly Go underwent a strategic pivot inspired by design elements from Moon Active's highly successful Coin Master. The game's evolution has solidified Scopely's position in the competitive gaming market, and the company considers Monopoly Go a testament to its prowess in game development. Monopoly Go marks Scopely's third collaboration with Hasbro, following the success of Yahtzee With Buddies and Scrabble Go. Additionally, Stumble Guys, acquired by Scopely in 2022, has been the canvas for engaging Nerf-themed events resulting from the partnership between the two companies.

Chris Cocks, CEO of Hasbro, expressed his admiration for Scopely's achievement, stating, "Scopely created a super fun and engaging game that is breaking records in a highly competitive market – it’s one of the only mobile titles in history to earn $1bn in under a year. The rise of Monopoly Go and the ability to create a game with such resonance further validates our digital licensing strategy." Monopoly Go's rapid ascent exemplifies the success of digital licensing strategies in the gaming industry.

Source: adapted from an article by Neil Long, Founder and Editor for

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