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My.Games' Tacticool reaches 30 million downloads milestone with $75 million in revenue

My.Games' hit third-person shooter, Tacticool, has achieved remarkable milestones, surpassing 30 million downloads and generating $75 million in revenue. This remarkable performance has propelled Tacticool into the top five games in My.Games' extensive library of over 70 active titles.

My.Games boasts an impressive portfolio with over one billion registered players across various games, and the company continues to expand its reach with cross-platform support for both PC and mobile gaming.

Recently, My.Games' Rush Royale achieved a new peak in player engagement, generating a staggering $230 million in revenue and experiencing rapid growth in the US. The success of Rush Royale was largely attributed to a two-month in-game event organized in collaboration with a prominent online influencer.

Tacticool stands out as an isometric co-op 5v5 shooter available on iOS, Android, and PC. Its success can be attributed to the thrilling combination of fast vehicle-based gameplay and a realistic physics engine. The game offers 19 interactive maps with destructible environments, providing players with an extra tactical element and diverse gameplay experiences.

With a wide arsenal of over 80 weapons and equipment, players have the freedom to eliminate opponents using various strategies. The game's strong community, comprising 800 clans worldwide, can coordinate strategies through the voice chat function.

"My.Games CEO, Vladimir Nikolsky, expressed his admiration for Tacticool's success, praising its intensity and the constant challenge it offers players. With ongoing support from both the development team and the players, Tacticool will continue to evolve and grow. Exciting new game elements are already in development, promising plenty of surprises in the months to come," said Vladimir Nikolsky, the CEO of My.Games.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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