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Nekki celebrates 20 years of mobile gaming innovation after surpassing one billion installs

Nekki, the renowned publisher behind the highly successful Shadow Fight series, has announced an exceptional achievement, surpassing a billion installations across its diverse range of games. Alongside this revelation, the Cyprus-headquartered company has disclosed intriguing details about its upcoming venture named "Shades." Expected to debut by the close of 2023, this game will be intricately woven into the "Shadow Fight" universe, delving into the narratives that bridge the events of "Shadow Fight 2" and "Shadow Fight 3." This innovative addition will introduce fresh storylines, beloved characters, a captivating roguelike twist, and a narrative comic book to infuse the storytelling with a novel flair.

As the studio dedicates itself to crafting this forthcoming title, it is also taking a retrospective look at past endeavors, reinvigorating them to sustain the enthusiasm of its expanding player community.

A Legacy of Continuity Over the last few decades, Nekki has solidified its presence in the mobile gaming industry with a particular emphasis on action and strategy games. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the studio continues to amplify the triumphs of both "Shadow Fight," a mobile fighting game, and "Vector," a parkour-inspired runner.

Impressively, Nekki boasts that a staggering 95 percent of their billion installations have arisen organically—a remarkable proportion for a collection of mid-core games. Among these, "Shadow Fight 2" commands a lion's share of 420 million installations, steadily growing by over 100,000 daily. Concurrently, "Shadow Fight 3" claims 210 million installations, while "Shadow Fight 4: Arena" surges past 50 million installations and still rises.

The second most acclaimed series from Nekki is "Vector," amassing over 330 million installations. Recently, the game underwent its inaugural major update in a decade, enhancing visuals and graphics, introducing new modes, features, and quality-of-life enhancements for players.

What's on the Horizon? Players can eagerly anticipate immersing themselves in a brand-new PC and console title, "Spine." Branded as the studio's "cinematic gun-fu action game," it showcases high-caliber graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5. Additionally, a web3 project featuring evolving NFT collectibles named "" is also in the works.

Gazing into the Future and Beyond Dmitry Terekhin, the founder of Nekki, shares that "Nekki's core aim has always been to create unparalleled gaming experiences by venturing into new platforms, redefining game genres, and introducing groundbreaking gameplay innovations. This approach has fueled a potent word-of-mouth effect and sustained organic growth."

Furthermore, Nekki has been meticulously refining Cascadeur, the software responsible for the studio's remarkably lifelike 3D character animations. Clearly, the studio is poised to venture even further into uncharted realms to foster innovation, guaranteeing players a trove of delightful surprises in the years to follow.

Source: PocketGamer biz

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