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Netflix Games one year on

Netflix Games, the mobile gaming section of the streaming service, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Despite facing initial challenges in user recognition, Netflix Games has expanded its catalogue to include a variety of genres such as strategy, action, RPG, and RTS games, including exclusive releases like Desta: The Memories Between. Netflix has expressed its commitment to growing the gaming service by adding new games every month, collaborating with leading studios to offer members a diverse selection of titles ranging from indie darlings to award-winning hits.

One of the most popular games on Netflix Games since its launch has been Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, based on the popular dating show. The streaming service also announced upcoming projects, including an exclusive game from Super Evil Megacorp, us two bringing the Monument Valley Franchise to the platform, the release of Terra Nil on March 28th, and the post-apocalyptic adventure title Highwater from publisher Rogue Games.

Betting on Gamesflix

Over the past year, Netflix Games has overcome its early struggles with user engagement through a continuous stream of new game additions and notable exclusives. The streaming giant acknowledges the initial challenge but remains dedicated to expanding the gaming service. As competition in the streaming industry intensifies and Netflix aims to combat password sharing, games could serve as a key strategy to attract and retain subscribers, particularly with the impressive growth already witnessed in 2023.

Source: By Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at Pocket Gamer

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