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Nitro Games secures publishing agreement for Autogun Heroes with Unity’s Supersonic

Two weeks following its recent investment in Warframing, Nitro Games has announced another significant development regarding one of its mobile games, Autogun Heroes. The company has secured a new publishing deal with Unity’s Supersonic, effectively appointing them as the game's publisher.

Interestingly, Autogun Heroes isn't a new release but rather debuted last June, with Nitro Games handling both development and publishing duties. The partnership with Unity’s Supersonic will now relieve Nitro of its responsibilities concerning user acquisition and promotion on iOS and Android platforms.

As the worldwide publisher (excluding China), Supersonic will assume responsibility for these crucial aspects of the game's management. With over three billion installs across its publishing portfolio, Supersonic offers comprehensive access to performance metrics and data, allowing Nitro Games to closely monitor Autogun Heroes’ performance. The initial term of their agreement spans five years.

While Supersonic typically focuses on hypercasual games, the decision to take on Autogun Heroes signals a shift, embracing a 3D shooter and platformer genre. Nitro Games CEO and co-founder Jussi Tähtinen expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting Supersonic's impressive track record in scaling up mobile games.

Autogun Heroes enjoyed a successful soft launch in 2023, followed by a full release, indicating promising potential. With Supersonic's expertise and revamped KPI insights, the game's future growth prospects appear favorable.

Supersonic's recent successes, such as Build a Queen, boasting three million Android players in one month, and Bridge Race, crowned as the most downloaded hypercasual game of 2021 and 2022, further underscore the potential of the partnership with Autogun Heroes.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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