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Odeeo insights uncover that over 90% of mobile gamers opt for interaction with in-game audio advertisements.

Israel-based in-game audio advertising platform, Odeeo, has released groundbreaking findings, shedding light on crucial insights for advertisers within the gaming industry. The study, analyzing 75 million in-game audio ad impressions across 400 game titles with major mobile publishing partners, reveals key observations that redefine advertising strategies.

Engagement Excellence:

Over 90% of gamers engage with in-game audio ads, showcasing a remarkable level of interaction. Listen-Through Rates (LTR) soar beyond 80%, with shorter ads achieving completion rates exceeding 95%. These metrics remain consistent, irrespective of the device's volume setting.

Strategic Ad Placement:

The initial ad presented during a gaming session boasts the highest click-through rates, with an impressively low skip rate of 6%. Even as click-through rates gradually decline throughout the session, the fifth and later ad positions maintain a click-through rate surpassing 1%, exceeding industry benchmarks.

Volume Dynamics:

The majority of mobile gamers set their device volume above the audibility threshold of 10%. As volume increases, click-through rates for ads steadily rise until stabilizing at 60% capacity.

Insights from Odeeo's CEO:

Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo, states, “We’ve had the privilege to run thousands of campaigns for major advertisers worldwide. As our offering matures, we're excited to share these insights. We aim to help advertisers of all sizes unlock the power of in-game advertising.”

Strategic Recommendations:

1. Opt for Shorter Ads: Greater success is achieved with ads focusing on the initial 10 seconds, enhancing engagement and completion rates.


2. Balance Ad Volume: Ensuring balanced ad volume is crucial to prevent muting or skipping, preserving a non-disruptive player experience.

3. Strategic Ad Positioning: Bidding wisely on ad positions is emphasized, with the first position reaping the highest click-through rates, making it ideal for impactful call-to-action ads.

Advertisers are rapidly embracing this potent channel to reach an untapped market of three billion mobile gamers. Odeeo's recommendations provide advertisers with actionable insights to maximize their impact in the dynamic realm of in-game advertising.

Source: adapted from an article by Baran Köse, Writer for Mobidictum.

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