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PubMatic collaborates with Roblox to provide programmatic immersive video advertisements

Roblox, the popular immersive gaming platform, is ramping up its advertising revenue efforts through a strategic partnership with PubMatic, an advertising technology firm. The collaboration aims to introduce new video ad formats later this year, as announced by PubMatic on Wednesday. These video ads have been under trial since late 2023 as part of Roblox's ongoing efforts to monetize its large user base. In this initiative, creators within Roblox who choose to integrate these ads into their virtual experiences will receive a share of the revenue generated, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

The partnership with PubMatic offers brands the opportunity to reach Roblox's vast global community, which boasts over 71 million daily active users. Nearly half of these users belong to the Gen Z demographic, making them a desirable audience for advertisers seeking to engage with a digitally savvy and youthful demographic. Stephanie Latham, VP of global partnerships at Roblox, expressed the company's commitment to facilitating connections between brands and its engaged community. She highlighted the partnership with PubMatic as a means to enable advertisers to seamlessly engage with Roblox users through preferred content formats, such as video, while maintaining control over brand suitability.

The rollout of immersive video ads on Roblox is currently undergoing alpha testing and is expected to be widely available to advertisers within the platform later this year. Advertisers will have multiple avenues to access Roblox's video ad inventory, including programmatic guaranteed, private marketplaces (PMPs), auction package deals, and open exchange channels. This ensures robust accessibility while upholding stringent standards of control and brand suitability.

Additionally, the partnership grants Roblox access to PubMatic's premium brand advertising demand network and facilitates supply path optimization deals with leading advertising agencies and premium brands. Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas at PubMatic, expressed excitement about empowering Roblox to maintain control over its advertising ecosystem while enabling advertisers to effectively reach their target audiences.

Overall, the partnership between Roblox and PubMatic aims to deliver a pioneering advertising solution that balances monetization with user experience. As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration signifies a strategic move by both companies to capitalize on the immense opportunities presented by immersive gaming platforms like Roblox.

Source: adapted from an article by Jordan Bevan, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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