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Raptor PR has been chosen as the agency of record for Metaplay and Stardust

Raptor PR has been appointed as the global agency of record for two prominent B2B game tech startups: Stardust and Metaplay. Stardust, backed by $35 million in funding and based in Silicon Valley, specializes in providing game developer tools for building and scaling blockchain games. Meanwhile, Metaplay, a rapidly growing startup headquartered in Finland, offers comprehensive developer backend solutions tailored for building and scaling top-grossing mobile games.

Under this partnership, Raptor PR will execute fully integrated, cross-channel campaigns customized to meet the specific business objectives and core value propositions of both Metaplay and Stardust. These campaigns aim to foster tier-one brand building, lead generation, and community engagement around the brands of Stardust and Metaplay. The goal is to engage international stakeholders, including developers and publishers across various industry verticals such as games trade, business, technology, ad tech, and web3.

Rana Rahman, Founder, and CEO at Raptor PR, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Both Metaplay and Stardust personify what Raptor PR is all about: we’re focused on the deep tech and businesses that are powering the business of gaming and the exciting emerging technologies that are disrupting it.”

Canaan Linder, Founder and CEO at Stardust, emphasized the strategic fit between the companies and Raptor PR, noting, “Raptor PR has a deep understanding of both web2 and web3 technologies, and Stardust has an ambitious roadmap ahead, so the team is the obvious choice to help us build the strategic positioning required in order to reach the audiences that matter to us.”

Chris Wilson, Head of Marketing at Metaplay, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Rana and his team exemplified everything we were looking for in a PR agency: a team of people hugely passionate and knowledgeable about the games industry, with a deep understanding of the fundamental tech behind it.”

The selection of Raptor PR highlights its expertise and understanding of the games industry, positioning it as a strategic partner for startups like Stardust and Metaplay seeking to amplify their presence and engage with relevant stakeholders globally.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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