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Riddle Road: Pyramid Solitaire case study by Gamelight

This case study examines the successful collaboration between Gamelight and Glera Games, with a focus on the promotion of their title Riddle Road: Pyramid Solitaire, through the Gamelight mobile marketing platform. 

The campaigns targeted users in the US, UK and DE. With an analysis based on 20,000 users, this study highlights the exceptional outcomes achieved in terms of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), Average Revenue per Paying User (ARPPU), and User Retention Rate (RR). 

About Riddle Road 

The card game Riddle Road is a Casual solitaire  game with its captivating gameplay and unique concept that challenges players with intriguing puzzles and riddles. The game has gained popularity among gamers for its entertainment value and brain-teasing challenges. 

About Gamelight 

Gamelight is a prominent rewarded marketing platform worldwide driving high quality users through its self-published game recommendation platforms globally. Gamelight’s unique ROAS algorithm analyzes users’ playtime, engagement, competitor game usage & demographics data to identify users with the highest likeliness of long-term engagement on Gamelight’s partners’ games. Having exclusive access to the said data points gives Gamelight a clear advantage over other UA sources that are simply connected to third-party apps.

Campaign Results

Glera Games’ partnership with Gamelight yielded remarkable results, surpassing their  competitive ROAS goals and achieving high monetization metrics. The analysis of the 20,000 users revealed a high depositor rate, indicating a strong inclination towards making in app purchases. 

The analysis of ROAS at D3, D7, and D30 showed exceptional performance, exceeding expectations. The game’s monetization metrics, such as ARPU and ARPPU, also exhibited impressive results. The high average revenue per user and paying user indicated the effectiveness of Gamelight’s ROAS Algorithm, as well as Glera Games’ monetization strategies and the quality of the in-app offerings. 

Moreover, the evaluation of user retention at D7 and D30 exhibited a very positive trend in retaining users even after a month of playtime. Gamelight’s user acquisition strategy resulted in a high level of user engagement and retention, enabling the game to retain users for extended periods of time. 


The collaboration between Glera Games and Gamelight proved highly successful in promoting “Riddle Road: Pyramid Solitaire” in the US, UK and DE. The campaigns exceeded their competitive ROAS goals, indicating an excellent return on advertising spend. Additionally, the game demonstrated impressive monetization metrics with high ARPU and ARPPU, as well as high D7 and D30 Retention Rates.

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