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Roblox has unveiled an AI-powered chat translator that supports 16 languages

Roblox, the popular online creation and gaming platform, has introduced its latest AI feature focused on enhancing global connectivity among players. Unlike last year's emphasis on generative content production, this new initiative aims to foster empowered communication through an AI real-time chat translator offering 16 language options.

Leveraging Roblox's proprietary artificial intelligence technology, this innovative addition eliminates language barriers in real-time, allowing players to seamlessly communicate regardless of their native language. With an average of 70 million users communicating daily on Roblox and a staggering 904 billion messages sent in the past year, the integration of a live translator comes as a natural evolution to enhance user interaction across its global user base spanning 180 countries.

According to Roblox, users can chat in their preferred language, and the AI translator ensures messages are accurately translated for recipients in real-time. The early response to this feature has been overwhelmingly positive, boosting player engagement and session quality within the metaverse.

Zhen Fang, Roblox's head of international, expressed excitement about the positive impact of the automated chat translation technology on user engagement and interaction. This new feature is now available in all Roblox experiences utilizing the platform's chat engine, TextChatService, signaling Roblox's commitment to enhancing global accessibility and localization.

Roblox's Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Sturman, highlighted the platform's ambition to overcome language barriers and enable seamless communication in immersive 3D experiences. With plans for future enhancements, including AI-powered voice translation and full translation of user experiences into native languages, Roblox aims to further enrich the user experience and foster global connections.

While Roblox continues to innovate with AI-driven features to benefit both players and creators, the journey is just beginning, with vast potential yet to be unlocked.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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