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Senegal sets up a new gaming hub

The French Embassy in Senegal and game studio Masseka have jointly donated €300,000 ($327,694.50) to establish a gaming hub in Senegal. The project aims to support the development of the gaming industry in West Africa and make Senegal a prominent hub for the region.

The initiative is supported by game studio Kayfo, which will provide technical support, and the Senegalese government organization DER F/J, which will offer office space in Dakar, the capital city. The Occitanie Region in France has also pledged its support, although the specifics of the support have not been specified yet.

Masseka, as the first video game company based in Europe that creates content exclusively based on African myths and legends, highlights the ongoing interest in African culture. The company previously partnered with the French Embassy in Dakar in 2019 for the Dakar Digital Show.

The funding will be used to establish an incubator and development studio that will provide training and employment opportunities for game developers in Senegal. The goal is to capitalize on the rapid growth of the gaming market in Africa, particularly in mobile gaming, which has become the preferred platform due to its affordability and accessibility. The investment aims to nurture local talent and facilitate the entry of more individuals into careers in game development.

In a related development, Carry1st, a gaming company, was recently announced as the official licensor and publisher of India's Mobile Premier League as part of a new partnership.

Source: Lewis Rees Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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