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Space Ape Games announces Chrome Valley Customs in cross-promotion with Beatstar

Space Ape Games has revealed its latest title, Chrome Valley Customs, uniquely by cross-promoting it within their existing game, Beatstar.

Simon Hade, a Space Ape Games co-founder, shared a LinkedIn post showcasing how players can pre-register for Chrome Valley Customs within Beatstar. Pre-register players will receive a unique song to play in Beatstar as a reward. Beatstar is a rhythm game where players tap and swipe along with the music, featuring tracks from renowned artists like Marshmello and Outkast.

This strategic move highlights Space Ape Games' ability to leverage their own games to promote new titles. Beatstar has enjoyed tremendous success, and this cross-promotion allows Space Ape Games to reach a wider audience and generate interest in Chrome Valley Customs. With Beatstar amassing 38 million downloads by the end of 2022, even a fraction of those players pre-registering for the new song would be a significant achievement in terms of user acquisition for Space Ape Games.

While some players may be unaware of Space Ape Games' broader game catalog or not actively seek out new titles, Beatstar's core gameplay revolves around playing different songs. This creates an opportunity for players to anticipate new songs to enhance their gameplay experience eagerly. By offering an exclusive song tied to the pre-registration of Chrome Valley Customs, Space Ape Games maximizes exposure to the upcoming game's launch and incentivizes players to pre-register and explore their latest creation.

Source:  Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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