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SplitMetrics Announces The Launch of a Free Product to Help Growing Businesses Optimize Apple Search Ads

On March 5th, SplitMetrics, an official Apple Search Ads Partner, introduced the SplitMetrics Acquire Starter Plan, a new optimization solution tailored for mobile marketing professionals at small and growing businesses. This platform aims to support teams in managing and automating their Apple Search Ads campaigns efficiently, maximizing profitability and scalability within the channel.

SplitMetrics Acquire is an  Apple Search Ads optimization platform that provides a powerful suite of features to help businesses run profitable campaigns and scale within the channel. It is trusted by leading companies and brands worldwide, managing over $400 million in annual advertiser spend combined. The main benefits the platform offers:

  • Automation Rules to set Apple Search campaigns on autopilot and reduce the workload associated with manual ad account housekeeping.

  • Extensive list of MMP integrations to connect your existing mobile measurement partners with the platform for seamless data analysis.

  • Full-funnel Reporting to track all campaign data in one place and easily optimize towards target KPIs in real time.

  • Advanced Bulk Actions & Filtering to save time with advanced bulk editing and optimization.

  • Smart Suggestions to leverage AI-powered insights and recommendations for optimal campaign performance.

  • Custom Product Page Dashboard to gain insights into specific CPP performance.

  • Competitor Insights to analyze competitor strategies and identify opportunities for growth, 

  • and many more!

Introducing the SplitMetrics Acquire Starter Plan for Small Teams

The free SplitMetrics Acquire Starter Plan allows users to manage Apple Search Ads campaigns with up to $25,000 monthly budgets and add 20,000 keywords. This provides small teams with a platform to build a smart campaign structure and run ads profitably. 

With the global app market booming – Statista reports 257 billion app downloads and $171 billion in consumer spending in 2023, with small and medium-sized businesses accounting for a significant portion – the need for good mobile growth solutions is more critical than ever. The SplitMetrics Acquire Starter Plan provides SMBs with the tools they need to navigate the evolving landscape and achieve their growth objectives. Sign up for it for free today and experience the power of:

  • Increased profitability

  • Decreased CPA

  • Reduced workload through automation

  • Actionable insights and recommendations

Create free account, no credit card required

Source: adapted from an article by Lina Danilchik, Content Marketing Lead & App Growth Evangelist at SplitMetrics.

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