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Steer Studios initiates the soft launch of its inaugural game, Grunt Rush

Savvy Games Group's subsidiary, Steer Studios, has soft-launched its inaugural game, the strategy title Grunt Rush. Available on India's Google Play store, the game puts players in command of vast armies aiming to conquer enemy bases.

As players advance through levels, they can unlock new units, rewards, and enhance their army size and abilities. Grunt Rush offers in-game ads and in-app purchases, with the added convenience of offline play.

Steer Studios, an internal development team of Savvy Games Group, has been investing significantly in expanding its international presence and bolstering the gaming industry in Saudi Arabia, with plans to invest up to $38 billion. Headquartered in Riyadh, Steer Studios employs over 50 staff and currently has 14 job openings.

Formerly known as Savvy Games Studios, the developer underwent a rebranding last year. CEO Yannick Theler expressed the studio's commitment to innovation and the well-being of its team members, emphasizing their integral role in the company's success.

Source: adapted from an article by Craig Chapple, Head of Content for

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