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Subway Surfers to mobilise players in conservation efforts

Subway Surfers developer Sybo has unveiled a partnership with the impact platform Milkywire, aimed at channeling donations towards environmental initiatives.

This collaboration will feature limited edition in-game events to enhance player awareness and foster contributions to impact funds aligned with Milkywire's objectives. Over the next three weeks, the Subway Surfers World Tour Series will immerse players in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro, spotlighting organizations that Sybo will contribute to, with a focus on rainforest conservation.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, CEO of Sybo, emphasized the company's dedication to inspiring its global community of over 150 million monthly active Subway Surfers players to partake in positive endeavors. He explained that environmental causes have consistently been at the core of their efforts. Nørvig expressed gratitude for discovering a partner like Milkywire that shares their mission and can amplify their impact, enabling players to contribute to real-world conservation efforts by engaging in their virtual world.

Nina Siemiatkowski, CEO and Founder of Milkywire, highlighted the unique position of gaming companies within one of the fastest-growing industries to drive transformative change and environmental action. She praised Sybo for recognizing this responsibility and using their reach and influence to make a tangible impact in the battle against climate change.

While Sybo has a history of collaborating with various groups for events such as Pride or promoting real-world cities like Copenhagen, this partnership underscores how player activations in the mobile space can be harnessed for broader societal benefit. It underscores Sybo's awareness of the extensive reach of their game, which has amassed over four billion downloads and secured the title of the most downloaded game in 2022.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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