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Supercell launches eagerly awaited new game in the US

Supercell's new mobile game "" offers players the opportunity to embark on a monster-hunting adventure as they explore different worlds by traveling through portals. The beta testing phase for "" is currently open to Android users in the United States and will run until November 6, 2023. During the beta test, players can assume the roles of the founder characters Luna, Jax, and Manny, each of whom represents a different role within the game.

Supercell's invitation to players is lighthearted and encourages them to join the adventure, acknowledging that the unknown world in "" is filled with monsters, dungeons, and challenges that can be quite challenging but are meant to be enjoyable. This approach aims to engage players in the exciting and perilous world of "" while maintaining a sense of fun and adventure.

Supercell's announcement of "" in September generated initial excitement among gamers. The game was described as featuring beautiful parallel worlds, loot, and monsters, which piqued the interest of potential players. Following this announcement, Supercell promised an October beta test for the game, which has now been realized, allowing players to experience the game firsthand.

In the announcement, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen emphasized the company's belief in the power of games to bring people together from around the world. He mentioned the integration of portal technology in "," which would provide players with a unique experience of togetherness, transcending geographical boundaries. Paananen also highlighted Supercell's core philosophy that the best teams create the best games and expressed confidence in the founding team of "" – Luna, Jax, and Manny, who embody Supercell's values of independence, accountability, and innovation.

Supercell is renowned for its highly successful games like "Clash of Clans" and "Brawl Stars." However, the company is equally known for its rigorous standards and is willing to discontinue games that do not meet its high expectations. One such example is "Floodrush," a game that was recently discontinued. Whether "" will meet Supercell's standards and achieve success remains to be seen.

Source: by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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