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SuperPlay allocates a daily budget of $500,000 for Gamelight advertising expenditures

In a collaborative effort aimed at acquiring new users for SuperPlay's popular titles, Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams, Gamelight and SuperPlay teamed up to launch campaigns across iOS and Android platforms in key markets including the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Throughout the campaign duration, data from 2 million users was meticulously analyzed.

The partnership yielded significant results, notably impacting revenues and average revenue per user (ARPU) for Dice Dreams. Scaling Gamelight led to a notable 15% increase in the average ARPU of Dice Dreams on Google Play and Apple App Store, positively influencing store rankings and driving organic growth. Impressively, Gamelight showcased a 38% higher D30 ARPU compared to other media sources, while SuperPlay achieved over 100% return on advertising spend (ROAS) profitability on fully matured cohorts.

Furthermore, Gamelight accurately predicted users with the highest potential lifetime value (LTV) for Dice Dreams, resulting in a substantial improvement of store rankings by 48 positions in the Free Games US store charts. Long-term retention and ROAS growth were equally remarkable, with D30, D90, and D180 retention rates experiencing significant boosts.

Key factors contributing to the success of the collaboration include an endless event postback window, dynamic in-game events triggered at each level pass, AI targeting for optimization, and high budget caps to facilitate scalability. Gamelight's rigorous fraud prevention measures, including a multi-layered approach and utilization of fraud prevention suites like Singular and AppsFlyer's Protect360, ensured the delivery of high-quality users while maintaining a low fraud suspicion rate.

Moreover, beyond standard user acquisition efforts, SuperPlay and Gamelight organized various events throughout the year to coincide with festive seasons, offering special rewards and incentives to players. This innovative approach resulted in a substantial boost in revenues and user activation, further solidifying the success of the collaboration.

In conclusion, the ongoing collaboration between Gamelight and SuperPlay has proven instrumental in achieving significant milestones and reaching new heights in user acquisition and engagement. Through strategic scaling, leveraging AI algorithms, and hosting impactful events, the partnership has effectively elevated SuperPlay's titles, enhancing their store rankings and profitability while delivering exceptional returns on advertising investment.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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