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Support for uninstalling apps on connected Android devices will soon be added to Google Play

Google is set to roll out a new feature on the Play Store, allowing users to remotely uninstall apps across various Android devices, including watches, TVs, Auto, and Wear OS-powered smartwatches, directly from their smartphones. The upcoming Play Store version 38.8 will unveil a hidden remote uninstall option in the "Manage Apps" section, simplifying the typically involved process of navigating Play Store settings for app removal.

This feature streamlines app management, offering users the convenience of viewing and uninstalling apps on different Android devices from their current device. While still in development and not widely accessible, the potential for easing app removal across diverse devices is highly anticipated.

Adding an extra layer of functionality, the upcoming feature enables users to sort apps by storage usage on other devices, particularly beneficial for those managing apps on platforms like Google TV, notes TheSpAndroid.

In related news, Google, on Monday, announced modifications to its Play Store as part of an antitrust settlement. The expanded user choice billing program will empower developers to display varying purchase costs based on the chosen billing method within the app. Additionally, the company aims to simplify the sideloading process and update language regarding the potential risks associated with downloading apps directly from the web for the first time. These developments reflect Google's commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing regulatory concerns.

Sources: adapted from an article by Maya Robertson, Author of Archives for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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