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Tencent eyes a comeback in India with Undawn

According to reports, Tencent has released its latest online game, Undawn, in India through its subsidiary Level Infinite, which is based in Singapore and Amsterdam. This marks Tencent's attempt to launch a new title directly in India since its apps were banned in 2020 due to national security concerns and escalating tensions between India and China.

Undawn is a multiplayer game designed primarily for mobile platforms, available on Android and iOS, with a companion PC version on Steam. India is a significant market for mobile gaming, with a market share of over 90%, making it an attractive target for Tencent.

Despite the ban on Tencent's apps, its subsidiaries based in other regions continue to have their games available in India. For example, Tencent owns Supercell and Riot Games, which have ongoing operations and esports commitments in India, possibly due to their primary operations being in Europe and the US. It seems that Tencent is learning from their subsidiaries' experiences and testing the market with Undawn.

Undawn is the only game available under the Level Infinite label in India. However, if the launch proves successful, Tencent may introduce more games under this label in the country. This move demonstrates Tencent's interest in leveraging India's passion for mobile gaming and expanding its presence in the Indian market.

Source: Lewis Rees Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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