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The anniversary of Monster Hunter Now unveils time-limited monetization strategies

Monster Hunter Now is approaching its half-year anniversary, prompting Niantic to introduce celebratory content and update certain game mechanics. Notably, during Part 1 of the celebration, there will be an increase in monster spawns, appearing in more locations and more frequently, with a respawn time reduced from three hours to one. This adjustment allows players to engage in triple the usual number of hunts, enhancing gameplay and potentially increasing spending.

In light of the game's recent decline in in-app revenue, from $31 million in its launch month to $12 million according to App Magic data, the timing of these updates couldn't be better. The gameplay tweak and anniversary content offer an opportunity for a resurgence in player engagement and spending.

Part 1 of the celebration, commencing in the first week of March, includes the sale of limited-time packs containing hunting resources such as paintballs and Hunt-A-Thon tickets. This direct monetization tactic complements the existing strategy of selling healing items, especially with the influx of monsters during the event.

Additionally, adjustments to story quests will aid newer players in progressing quickly and encountering a wider variety of monsters. However, players must hurry to encounter the Barioth, a winter-exclusive monster set to depart from the game on March 14.

As the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary on March 11, Monster Hunter Now will offer exclusive event quests, materials, and a Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Medal. Part 2 of the celebration, coinciding with Now's half-year anniversary, promises a major update titled "The Vernal Invader," featuring new monsters, weapons, and surprises.

Furthermore, a new subspecies is set to debut during the event, aligning with Monster Hunter Rise's third anniversary on March 26. This focus on anniversary content may hint at the game's expansion into Rise monsters, considering the timing.

The Monster Hunter Now team invites players to join the hunt this spring, as they commemorate the series' milestone anniversary and the game's half-anniversary with the Monster Hunter Now Celebration 2024 and other events. Whether these initiatives can restore Now's revenue to previous levels remains to be seen, but with Niantic's web store push potentially impacting earnings, the full picture of the game's financial performance is yet to emerge.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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